Are Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers Eligible for Unemployment Benefits?

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October 26, 2021
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Are Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers Eligible for Unemployment Benefits?

By: Ty Hyderally, Esq., Nina Lucibello, Francine Foner, Esq.

Unvaccinated healthcare workers

Unemployment benefits are generally awarded to individuals who lose their jobs through no fault of their own, such as due to lack of work. Typically, an employee who is terminated for failing to comply with company policies is not eligible for unemployment benefits. Thus, if an employee refuses to comply with a company’s Covid-19 prevention policies, masking requirements, or vaccine requirements, are they may be ineligible for unemployment benefits?

Pursuant to an Executive Order by Governor Cuomo, New York healthcare workers, including hospital, adult care and long-term care workers were required to receive their initial Covid-19 vaccine dose by September 27, 2021. Under this mandate, workers who are terminated for refusing vaccination are not eligible for unemployment benefits, absent a valid doctor-approved request for a medical accommodation.[1]  In addition, due to a preliminary injunction issued in early October 2021, New York healthcare employers should also consider religious accommodations in enforcing the mandate.[2]

Similarly, New Jersey healthcare workers and workers in high-risk congregate settings were required to be fully vaccinated by September 7, 2021. However, Governor Murphy’s Executive Order, unlike the New York mandate, also allows healthcare employees who were not fully vaccinated by the deadline to receive Covid-19 testing, at minimum of one to two times per week, in place of receiving the vaccine.[3]   The New Jersey mandate is silent as to any impact of refusal to comply with the mandate upon eligibility for unemployment benefits. However, under New Jersey case law, where termination is based upon an employee’s refusal to comply with a vaccine mandate, an employee may still qualify for unemployment benefits.[4] ( 

The New York vaccine mandate for healthcare workers requires employers to respect valid medical exemptions and at least one New York Court has found that healthcare workers’ religious accommodation should also be considered.  Since unvaccinated New Jersey healthcare workers may select regular Covid-19 testing as an alternative to receiving the vaccine, this option effectively accommodates any employees who do not wish to be vaccinated, whether for religious reasons, medical reasons, or personal reasons. If employees believe they have been wrongfully terminated for refusal to comply with a vaccine mandate, or have wrongfully been denied unemployment compensation, they should speak to an attorney about their rights. 

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